We’re Hiring!

Are you looking for a way to draw greater exposure to your writing skills?  Are you hoping to expand your Brand as a blogger?  Do you have a passion for the legal aspects of every day news?  Do you want to be a part of something big and exciting?  Do you love the opportunity to make a difference?   If so, the Gotham City Esq writing team may be for you!

Gotham City Esq. “Covering the Power of Genius” is an online destination for access to legal news, tools, connections and more.  We are currently seeking writers to join our team of bLAWgers who share useful news and information to our community of legal and non-legal followers.  If you enjoy sharing insights about entertainment, sports, fashion and/or business and can connect the topics to a legal context (in layman’s language) consider contributing to GCE.

Type of Job:  Contractor / Potential for for in-house FTE or PTE in the future.

Minimum Requirements:
– The ability to write content on a weekly basis (2 to 5 bLAWgs per week).
– A strong command of the English language and solid written communications skills
– An eye for spotting legal issues
– Solid knowledge of how to source news, legal research, images and video online, and the ability to curate content as needed
– 2 years experience using a Web Content Management System such as WordPress
– Availability to join one standing conference call per week.
Desired qualifications:
– Creative thinking and writing skills needed to develop original thoughtful bLAWg content that may fall outside of “Daily” or “Breaking News”
– The ability to write with flair and develop viral stories
– Excellent organizational and time management skills
– As an independent contractor, the abiltity to remain self-motivated and self-directed
– Basic HTML knowledge
– Ability to travel as needed to cover / report stories on-location (ex. Red Carpet Events, Shows, Press Conferences, etc.)
If your skills and abilities are a match, please click here to apply.