Venus Williams Will Not Face Criminal Charges for Fatal Car Crash


Police issued an 18-page report Wednesday that Venus Williams will not be charged for the June 2017 crash that left an elderly man dead. The story is a classic “he-say-she-say” car accident case. One driver says she had the green light, another driver says she had the green light. The video doesn’t show who had the green light but it helps visualize how the incident occurred. Car accident attorneys this one’s for you!

The tennis star was T-boned when attempting to cross an intersection. The other car was driven by Linda Barson. Jerome Barson, the husband passenger of Linda, died 13 days later from organ failure.

Williams says she was cut off by a third car as she tried to cross which forced her to stop in the middle of the intersection. Initially, police reports stated that Williams was at fault for the collision. However, after further investigation police are saying neither Williams nor Barson was at fault. This could be true since there was a third vehicle who clearly cut Williams off as shown in the video. The Barson estate is disputing the Palm Beach Garden Police’s recent finding of no fault by Williams.

Police departments and District Attorney Offices work hand in hand to combat crime. The police investigate an initial report of a crime and present it to the District Attorney’s Office. Prosecutors then decide whether there is enough evidence to charge someone with a crime. The official charge can be the crime the police initially arrested someone for, or it can be a different charge that the prosecutor’s believe fits the scenario.

Civil Suit from the Jerome Barson’s estate

Jerome Barson’s estate sued Serena Williams for wrongful death and claims she violated multiple traffic laws. This is tough to prove because a third vehicle is involved and the video doesn’t show who had the right-of-way. However, a jury can conclude that the Barson’s had the right-of-way if they believe Serena’s light turned red as she stopped in the middle of the intersection. A jury could also conclude Barson sped up to pass a yellow light before turning red. In reality, Serena may settle to avoid the headache of a trial.

In July, an emergency motion allowed a search of Williams’ SUV. Both parties downloaded and inspected crash data from the two vehicles involved. Williams broke down in tears at Wimbledon when reporters questioned her about the crash. Stories such as these are tragic all around and although money won’t bring a loved one back, it can help.



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