Draft Day Assault; Fan Lawsuit Filed Against Tennessee Titans’ Tajae Sharpe; Sebastian Tretola

Tennessee Titans' Tajae Sharpe _ Image via NFL Player Engagement

According to a new lawsuit filed in United States District Court today, two Tennessee Titans players are being sued for an altercation that occurred on April 27 – the day of the 2017 NFL Draft. According to the lawsuit, Titans’ wide receiver Tajae Sharpe and guard Sebastian Tretola got into a verbal altercation with Dante Satterfield, a local fan, in a Nashville bar called Tin Roof.

With the fifth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans selected Western Michigan wide receiver, Corey Davis. After the Titans’ selected Davis, the fan and Sharpe got into an argument. Satterfield told Sharpe, who is a wide receiver like Davis – that he would lose playing time because of the Titans’ selection. This did not make Sharpe too happy.

Corey Davis 2017 NFL Draft – Image via UPI.com

The three men decided to take their verbal altercation out into the streets. That is when, according to the report, Sharpe beat Satterfield unconscious in a back alley while Tretola served as a lookout. After beating Satterfield unconscious the two defendants left him in the ally, helpless. Thankfully, someone found Satterfield and called an ambulance.

Satterfield v Sharpe – Image via Scribd.com

Satterfield was diagnosed with a concussion, broken bones in the face, massive facial bruising, and a perforated eardrum. He is suing Sharpe and Tretola for assault and $500,000 for punitive damages.

“Through this brutal assault, Defendants caused Plaintiff to suffer physical trauma, emotional distress, humiliation, and further caused him to incur expenses in the form of time and money to treat his physical, mental, and emotional injuries,” the lawsuit reads.

Sharpe’s agent, Blaine Roche, gave a statement to Fox 17 saying the allegations against his client are completely false. “The claims are false and ridiculous,” Roche said. “Unfortunately this is a classic shakedown attempt. Tajae categorically denies any involvement whatsoever and looks forward to vindicating his name and focusing on what matters most – football.”

The Tennessee Titans released a statement saying they are fully aware of the situation and are waiting for more facts to emerge.

The only question at hand is, why did Satterfield follow Sharpe and Tretola outside? According to the lawsuit he “believed the group was headed outside for lawful purposes.” But that sounds weird to me. Satterfield had to know something bad was going to happen, especially since they were arguing inside of the bar.

Usually, if you’re arguing with someone (especially inside of a bar) and they ask, “do you want to take this outside?” That typically means there is going to be a fight.


Did Satterfield willingly volunteer himself to whatever happened outside of the bar? If Satterfield walked outside, knowing that he was about to fight, does that change things? Should Sharpe be punished for winning a fight that both people involved agreed to?

Right now, we don’t know what really went down. Evidence will likely need to be provided to show that the fight and the injuries were inflicted by the newly drafted players.  Thankfully, we have hard working people to find out the facts for us. Gotham City, Esq. will keep you updated on the story as more facts emerge. You can read the full lawsuit below.

Satterfield v Sharpe – Image via Scribd.com


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