Manny Pacquiao May Face Perjury Charges for Lying on Pre-Fight Medical Forms


Manny Pacquiao is under investigation by the Nevada authorities for allegedly inaccurately completing a pre-fight medical form. Pacquiao who was defeated by Floyd Mayweather, Jr. for the Welterweight Championship of the World on Saturday, is said to have had a shoulder injury that was not recorded on the form.

“Disclosure is a big thing for us, and honesty,” Cisco Aguilar, the Nevada Athletic Commission chairman told the Daily News Monday. “The commission at some point will have to discuss (Pacquiao’s medical questionnaire). I’ve got to run through the process with the (Nevada) Attorney General (Adam Laxalt). But they do sign that document under the penalty of perjury.”

The issue doesn’t stop at possible perjury charges. If Pacquiao’s lawyer signed the form, he may have a license issue as well. This may lead to a class action suit because ticket holders can claim that Pacquiao was not in superb health meaning they did not see the best possible fight.

Pacquiao’s advisor, Michael Koncz, is completely forthcoming and says that he will take full responsibility. He told the New York Daily News, “Manny didn’t check the box. I checked it. It was just an inadvertent mistake. If I was trying to hide anything, would I have listed all the medications on the sheet that he intended to use? We weren’t trying to hide anything. I just don’t think I read the questionnaire correctly.”

Aguilar said the health of boxers is foremost when it comes to these types of situations before a fight. “We don’t allow Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or anti-inflammatories. It thins the blood and forces them to bleed even faster. You want the fighter to be in a natural state,” said Aguilar according to the New York Daily News. “When the request was made to us, we made that evaluation, looked at our procedures, looked at our past decisions, and said no, this is not something we can do.”


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