Here We Go Again; Judge Refuses to Block Ezekiel Elliott’s Six Game Suspension

Image via Bleacher Report

The ongoing battle between Ezekiel Elliott and the NFL over his six-game suspension is getting a bit tiresome. One week he’s suspended — the next he’s free to play and in my opinion, neither side looks good in the situation.

Fortunately, it seems like the ongoing saga is coming to an end. On Monday, U.S. District Judge Katherine Polk Failla denied Ezekiel Elliott’s request for a preliminary injunction, which will force him to serve his six-game suspension immediately.

The NFL Players Association argued that Elliott would face irreparable harm if he is forced to serve the suspension but Judge Failla did not agree.  Failla’s order is stayed for 24 hours, “to afford the parties an opportunity to consider their appellate options.” But for now, the suspension is back on.

The NFL Players Association will likely take their case to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, which has jurisdiction over appeals from the district courts in Connecticut, Vermont and New York.

However, since Elliott’s request for an injunction was denied, the suspension begins immediately and he cannot practice with the team or play in games unless the Second Circuit reverses course on this ruling.

If the suspension holds up, Elliott will miss key games against the Chiefs, Falcons, Eagles, Chargers, and division-rival Washington Redskins. The Cowboys are currently sitting in second place in their division behind the Eagles so this is a big hit to the team.. Elliott will not be eligible to return until Dec. 17 for the Cowboys’ Week 15 game against the Raiders, pending an appeal.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell initially suspended Ezekiel Elliott on Aug. 11 after conducting an investigation into allegations of domestic abuse. Even though the allegations against Elliott did not lead to criminal charges, the NFL found “credible evidence” that Elliott violated the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

According to NFLPA attorney Jeffrey Kessler, the NFLPA plans to petition the Fifth Circuit to rethink its decision, but Kessler told Judge Failla that he does not anticipate any further proceeding in Texas or the Fifth Circuit.

Which means the whole Ezekiel Elliott vs. the NFL thing can be over and we can all never talk about it again.

Happy Halloween, Everyone!


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