Boxer Adrien Broner Missed his Court Date; Advice from an Attorney Who Knows the Deal


Here’s a tip to all our loyal Gotham City readers: Show up to your court date! Do NOT attempt to skip or “wait it out” hoping the police never find you. It only makes things worse.  To be clear, way worse. Skipping a court date is one of the worst things you can do.

Various news outlets report that authorities issued an arrest warrant for champion Boxer Adrien Broner. He failed to appear for his arraignment and said it was because he did not receive notification of the hearing. Apparently, the court charged him with simple battery after a video surfaced in September. The video depicts him punching a man and pushing a woman on the Vegas strip. It’s hard to dispute the video evidence so I can’t imagine any attorney taking this to trial.

A plea deal is a likely outcome in this instance. It’s not clear if Broner has an attorney but I’m going to guess that he does not. By retaining solid counsel, he could have avoided an arrest warrant. An experienced attorney could have waived his appearance or worked something out with the Assistant District Attorney (“ADA”) to push back the arraignment date.

Advice From My Time in the Courtroom

Yes, having an attorney can make a world of a difference! Certainly, by retaining counsel, Broner’s attorney could have waived his appearance, worked out a plea deal that includes only a fine, and he wouldn’t face any jail time. Instead, he missed his court date and will probably see jail time when he gets picked up or turns himself in. He could, however, still avoid jail time even with the warrant by working some magic to get the warrant withdrawn. Again, this is so much easier to do with an attorney.

Media outlets report that the court was unable to serve Broner’s summons, which seems very odd since the judge issued an arrest warrant. A judge would usually not issue a warrant for non-appearance if the defendant did not get notice of the hearing. Hence, there must be more to the story. It could be something as simple as the Judge and the ADA overlooking the fact that the defendant did not receive notice. If true, Broner could avoid jail time in this scenario and get the warrant withdrawn. The interworking of the court system can become complex with even the simplest of cases.

I recommend that anytime anyone is involved with the court system, the first step is to hire an attorney. Trust me, the knowledge gained from years spent buried in books, passing the bar, and representing people who are in trouble can make a difference.  Don’t try to handle it on your own if you don’t have to.

Seriously, if you choose to go it alone, at the very least, keep track of your case and show up! I can’t emphasize showing up enough. Once you skip a court date, it will haunt you throughout your entire case. If you want to later lower your bond amount, skipping an earlier court date can prevent that. It can even affect you when the judge hands down a sentence. To clarify, GO TO YOUR COURT HEARINGS!


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