Sarah’s Son Track Palin Arrested For Domestic Violence; How Much Jail Time Might He Serve?


Wasilla, Alaska police arrested Track Palin Saturday on domestic violence-related charges. Track is former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s oldest child. Police charged Track with felony burglary, misdemeanor reckless assault, and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

A confidential source told PEOPLE that Track Palin broke into his parents home. According to the confidential source, Track injured his father, Todd Palin, in the incident.

Via: New York Post

How much jail time could Track Palin get?

Reports don’t indicate whether Track was charged with first or second-degree burglary. Alaska recognizes both charges as felonies. Obviously, a first-degree burglary charge demands more jail time than a second-degree burglary charge.

Alaska statute section 12.55.125 provides all the possible sentences for class B and C felonies. Under this statute, if convicted, the judge may give Track anything from zero to ten years of jail time on the burglary charge alone.

Both of Track’s other charges are class A misdemeanors. While unlikely, a judge can give him up to one year in jail for each of these charges.

Via: NY Daily News

Domestic violence charges are hard to prosecute.

Domestic violence charges often require family or loved-ones to serve as witnesses. It is common for victims to recant, or take back, their story when they realize their family member could go to jail. Victims also often ask prosecutors to drop the charges associated with domestic violence events.

The State can use the police to talk about any evidence found at the scene. But without the victim’s testimony to tie the defendant to the evidence, it’s hard to get a conviction.

Many victims don’t want to see their loved ones go to jail at all. They just want the defendant to get help. Often the help sought is anger management or alcohol/drug rehab.

Sarah Palin indicated in the past that Track may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder related to his military service. If that is the case, it is possible that the family will seek help for Track instead of jail time.


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