Hell Date; Woman Could Face Life Sentence for Destroying Prominent Attorney’s Artwork


No, this isn’t one of those horrible straight-to-DVD movie scripts you’re about to read. This story actually happened in real life. Lindy Lou Layman came into the spotlight back in December 2017 for allegedly destroying art valued for over $1 million dollars belonging to prominent Texas Attorney Anthony Buzbee.  This drunken disaster could end up causing Layman a lifetime of regret.

Tony Buzbee, who is technically still married to Zoe, was reportedly on a first date Layman, a 29-year-old court reporter. Buzbee says that Layman got too drunk and he asked her to leave the premises.  She allegedly refused and poured wine on two Andy Warhol paintings worth $500,000 each. Next, she ripped paintings off of the wall and shattered multiple sculptures valued at $20,000 a piece.  As she wrecked the place, Layman screamed, “I am not leaving!”

Whatever happened to just picking up a nice full glass of wine and hurling it in his face? Find your center, plant your feet, and push from your chest!


Who’s Your Lawyer? Meet Anthony Buzbee

The 49-year-old Anthony Buzbee is well-known in Houston society.  He represented former Texas Governor Rick Perry in his abuse of power case. As a candidate, Donald Trump visited his home when Buzbee held a fundraiser and donated $250,000 to Trump’s presidential campaign. Buzbee says he is an art collector and that Layman pulled Renoir and Monet paintings off the wall.

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Layman and her attorney, Justin Keiter, dispute the charges. Keiter withheld comments pertaining to his client’s side of the story in order to save it for the courtroom. Sure, you are.

Layman could face a life sentence if convicted

First-degree felony criminal mischief is Layman’s charge. On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, the judge granted bond but she will still have to appear for future court hearings.  The criminal complaint obtained by heavy.com

In Texas, like most states, the severity of the punishment correlates to the value of the damaged property. Destroying artwork valued under $100 can get you no jail time. However, destroying over $300,000 worth of artwork is a felony and carries a possible life sentence!

Texas Penal Code divides criminal mischief into three classes for misdemeanors. It becomes a felony once the pecuniary loss is more than $2,500 dollars.

In theory, making the punishment more severe as the value of the damaged property increase makes sense. The idea is that it’s not a big deal to destroy property worth $100, right? But what if we speak in terms of relativity? What if $100 dollars to a poor man is half of his income? On the other hand, what if $300,000 to a rich man is just one percent of his income? Is this a rich man’s law? Does it discourage stealing from the rich but not the poor?

Maybe that is something to think about. Layman, however, will likely sign a plea deal to walk away with probation and no more than three years jail time, if any. Buzbee and Layman cannot have any contact with each other. Girl, you could’ve had the money, but now all you got is a no-contact order and a criminal record.


  1. I honestly don’t think a 100 dollar value of property is a huge concern to anyone – and I don’t think I have quite that much money in my bank account currently. If I’m not worried about it, nobody is. But I freaking gasped at the thought of a Warhol and Monet painting… I can’t even think about such horror. She isn’t destroying just any artwork, she destroyed artwork that is SIGNIFICANT for ALL OF US, not just the current owner. To be in the room with such pieces is an honor, and she… OMG I don’t know if a life sentence is a correct answer, but she deserves a good freaking whooping!


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