Battle of the Harts; Kevin Hart Divorce Facts Still Up For Debate


It’s a tale as old as modern time. Boy meets girl. They fall in love and get married. They have kids and get divorced. Boy meets a new girl, etc. etc. And wouldn’t you know it, Kevin Hart landed in the middle of the endless right-fighting that follows.

She said – she said… Only Kevin Hart knows the truth.

Torrei and Eniko Hart are making headline news this week with their tit-for-tat, back-and-forth, never-ending argument over whether or not Eniko is a homewrecker. Maybe we shouldn’t call it an argument. It’s a “discussion.” Yeah, that’s it… At least, that’s what my husband calls polite arguing – “discussing” things.

However you label it, the conversation is not new. Torrei and Eniko have been “discussing” Eniko’s status as a homewrecker for years. Ultimately though, it doesn’t matter who’s right if I’m being honest with you. The real question is this: Are there any legal benefits to the determination that Eniko is a homewrecker several years after the divorce has been finalized?

The resounding answer is NO! It doesn’t make a lick of difference.

Via: Bossip

A couples separation date is legally significant in an ongoing divorce.

Couples in California pay close attention to their separation date because it can impact how property is split in a divorce. The court looks at two actions to determine when a couple legally separated. First, when did you say you wanted a divorce; and second, when did you act on that statement?

That sounds simple enough, but Kevin admitted in his book that he and Torrei broke up and made up a few times.

The date of separation is significant because it determines which property is up for grabs in the split AND it determines how long alimony must be paid. For instance, if Kevin bought a Lamborghini the day after he separated from Torrei, the Lambo is not counted as an asset to be divided in the divorce. Let’s also say that Kevin and Torrei were married for eleven years instead of eight. Torrei gets fewer years of alimony payments if the couple separates before ten years of marriage instead of after.


Final thoughts

This squabble between Torrei and Eniko is personal – it’s not legal. The divorce was finalized years ago. Any alimony payments Torrei could have gotten would have ended three or four years after the divorce. All parties involved have moved on for the most part.

Being a single mom is no joke! And being defined by the start of a relationship for the rest of your life is tough too! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this “discussion” bubble into the public sphere, but I would be surprised if it weren’t the last. Someone’s got to let it go.

If I were K-Hart, I’d start offering rewards for either woman that publicly turns the other cheek next time this comes up… Spa days, cars, vacations… I mean, I’d avoid a “discussion” if it meant a week in Hawaii. Wouldn’t you?


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