Colorado Sex Trafficker Brock Franklin Sentenced to 472 years

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Lock him up and throw away the key! Arapahoe County Judge Peter Michaelson sentenced Sex Trafficker Brock Franklin to the longest sentence in U.S. history. Franklin, 31 years old, will spend 472 years in prison. His conviction includes 30 counts of sexual exploitation of a child, child prostitution, pimping, and kidnapping.

According to an unsealed indictment, seven men and women were involved in a sex ring. Originally the group’s indictment included 59 counts of sex trafficking. The sex ring included the following members: Brock Franklin, Michelle Payne, Isis Debreaux, Donye Johnson, David Fullenwiley Jones, Brandon Garrison, and Ralph Jones. Because of Franklin’s role as the leader of the enterprise, he received the longest sentence EVER!!

The group violated the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. The members are accused of keeping money from the victims they pimped, giving the victims drugs, and beating and sexually assaulting the victims, according to Fox31 & Channel 2 News.

Colorado Organized Crime Control Act

Colorado Organized Control Act also referred to as COCCA involves prohibited conduct crimes that involve 2 or more people operating in agreement.  One major difference between COCCA and “regular” conspiracy cases are the harsher sentences. As such, people charged under COCCA can face presumptive sentencing ranges that are twice the range of narcotics cases.

Crimes that fall under the COCCA include first or second-degree murder, kidnapping, criminal mischief, arson, assault (including misdemeanor), forgery, fraud, gambling, criminal impersonation, menacing, and firearms.  Also, in this case, sexual exploitation of children.

Additionally, in COCCA criminal cases the district attorney must prove that the defendant(s) unlawfully participated either directly or indirectly in an “enterprise” through a “pattern of racketeering activity.

RICO Statute

Similarly, these charges follow the statute of the federal RICO statute. The United States Supreme Court defines the term, “enterprise” in RICO cases, which is helpful for COCCA cases. Specifically, the Supreme Court stated that an enterprise must be (1) an ongoing organization, (2) operating as a continuing unit, and (3) must be “an entity separate and apart from the activity in which it engages.

Indeed, the Colorado statute at 18 U.S.C 1961(1)(A). 1(B). 1(C). and (1)(D) and also include the following:

  • murder, assault, kidnapping, child trafficking
  • sexual exploitation of a child
  • pandering, child prostitution

Jada Pinkett Smith Talks Candidly About Sex Trafficking

There is no question that sex traffickers prey on young women and girls. They even prey on young men and boys. Unquestionably, they manipulate them into performing lewd acts. Usually, this happens after they provided them with drugs such as marijuana, cocaine or ecstasy.

Furthermore, sex traffickers do not discriminate based on socio-economic status. Often young women in college find themselves performing sexual acts, according to Jada Pinkett-Smith. Fearing the repercussions of their situation they remain silent. As a result, these terrified victims do not report the crime to the police. They fall victim to a controlled situation. Before they know it, they’re victims of sex crimes. Just like the case previously reported of Cyntoia Brown.

According to Denver KDVR, Brock Franklin’s victims were forced to meet a daily quota. He forced the children to have sex with him and would also sell their services online.

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Sex Trafficking FACTS

Sexual exploitation of women and children is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. Sex trafficking is a lucrative business; annual estimates place the industry at $99 billion. Approximately 20.9 million adults and children bought and sold worldwide. Every year 2 million children face sexual exploitation. In addition, 54% of trafficking victims are trafficked for sexual exploitation. Lastly, women and girls make up 96% of victims.

GCE encourages anyone that is a victim of sex trafficking or who is forced to perform sexual acts against their will to contact a 24 hour hotline for help.

Please call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1 (888) 373-7888.  You can also text the words “HELP” or “INFO” to 233733


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