Black Mother Openly Beats Her Son For Rioting in Baltimore: What’s Wrong With That?


If you were a Black child in America, and reared by Black parents, it’s likely that you received a beating or two in your day.  No big deal right?  It comes with the territory. The days of time outs and “hand me the cell phone” simply don’t exist in most urban households.  So, why is this a problem?

It absolutely isn’t for Toya Graham, who openly hit her only son repeatedly after she pulled him out of the notorious Baltimore riots last week.  Graham chased her black ski-masked 16-year-old down the street while hitting him in the head.  She was livid that he was involved in the violent acts that ensued due to a Black 25 year old man, Freddie Gray, dying while in police custody.  Graham reportedly said that she did not want her son to be a Freddie Gray; A fear that every mother can relate to in the current police brutality climate looming in America. 

Clearly, the police system in this country needs to be thoroughly examined and overhauled.  Black men are dying at the hand of armed officers almost on a monthly basis.  This is a crisis, and we are not losing sight of that.  But, the age old saying that “it takes a village” applies here as well.  An angry, not taking any nonsense, mother, in this case, is the head honcho who is controlling her son on and off camera.

Some media outlets are saying that it is a tragedy for “celebrating” the beating of child, and that we should be celebrating the youth who protested peacefully and correctly. No argument there.  However, sometimes a good spanking just works.  Suddenly, everything is back in perspective for a young Black man.  Maybe in the long run, a hand against his head adds 20 years to his life.







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