Rapper Too Short says He Can Prove the Sex was Consensual

image via: dailytoast.com

Todd Anthony Shaw also known as Rapper Too Short filed text messages with the Court Wednesday to prove that recent rape allegations are false. A woman named Teana Louis filed suit in January 2018 against Too Short for sexual battery. Louis’ allegations include sexual battery, sexual harassment, and defamation among other claims. Too Short has now come forward with explicit text messages that he says proves she solicited sex from him. Can the text messages help him?

In the explicit text messages obtained by TMZ, Louis makes various sexual advances to the rapper. She refers to his genital size and says she loves him. One text read, “Baby I wish you were here right now, just talking to u on the phone makes me wet.” Two Short and his attorney hope that these texts will prove that the two had a consensual sexual relationship.

It’s worth noting that this is a civil suit and not criminal. Louis is suing for monetary damages which Too Short claims is all just extortion. Louis claims that he threw her on the bed, held her down, and performed oral sex on her after she said no.

Will the Text Messages Prove Consensual Sex?

The texts will surely help! Consent is very tricky and difficult to prove. Every rape case is different with the focus being the facts and evidence. Men are found guilty of rape with very little evidence. On the contrary, sometimes men are found not guilty although lots of evidence seem to suggest rape. It’s really all about the facts!

Usually, DNA evidence can prove that sexual contact existed although its existence does not prove consent. Video recordings, snapchat videos, phone records, and text messages can all benefit a defendant who wants to prove consent. Occasionally, phone records from the accuser’s phone to family and friends can shed light on whether sex was consensual.

The text messages definitely help Too Short’s argument. However, they don’t prove consent. Remember, a woman can say no at any reasonable time and the man must stop. A man can still rape someone he had a relationship with. Texts messages, however, can be a factor that points toward consent. It will be up to the judge or jury to weigh all the evidence and return a verdict.


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