Tomi Lahren the Fighter: Files Lawsuit Against TheBlaze; Glenn Beck

Tomi Lahren - Image via The Daily Beast

Tomi Lahren, the young polarizing commentator who made a name for herself by shouting non-factual opinion-based political rants on her show with TheBlaze, is now suing her boss Glenn Beck and the network. Lahren, a right-wing political figure who was never punished for any of the outlandish things she said previously, was terminated by Glenn Beck and the network for her pro-choice comments made during her guest appearance on ABC’s The View. The former host is now suing Glenn Beck, his media firm and TheBlaze for wrongful termination.


Lahren and her attorney Brian Lauten, filed a 27-page lawsuit in Dallas claiming Glenn Beck and the show “embarked on a public smear campaign” which was carried out to “inflate Beck’s profile, from what has become a mediocre following, all at [Lahren’s] expense.”  In the lawsuit, Lahren claims that she was accompanied by a Blaze producer for her appearance on The View. According to the suit, after the show, she was “applauded” by the producer for her statement and received several “congratulatory” emails from coworkers.

“No one told [Lahren] that her statements on The View were either improper or inappropriate; and, indeed, that [Lahren’s] point of view is just that — her point of view and freedom of expression,” the suit says.

However, many conservatives, including Beck, did not appreciate Lahren’s stance in favor of abortion rights. A video on Twitter where Lahren refers to abortion as “murder” was retweeted by Beck and many fellow conservatives.

But according to the suit, Beck and TheBlaze knew of her pro-choice position, which she had expressed before, and “never took any issue with it.” However, shortly after her appearance on The View, Lahren was informed by a Blaze human resources worker that “her employment was terminated, she would have no more shows,” solely because of her pro-choice comments, the suit says.

A spokesperson for TheBlaze issued a statement claiming that Lahren was not terminated and is still a paid employee. “It is puzzling that an employee who remains under contract (and is still being paid) has sued us for being fired, especially when we continue to comply fully with the terms of our agreement with her,” the spokesperson said.

Lauten, her attorney, said coworkers at TheBlaze placed yellow caution tape spelling an ‘X’ on Lahren’s dressing room door. He also claims they terminated her work email account and banned her from her Facebook account, ordering her to “go dark” on all social media. Lahren has over 4.2 million followers on Facebook and her attorney claims that not allowing her to post “irreparably harmed” Lahren and her career.

Lauten believes these actions were all retaliation and added up to her firing. Even if TheBlaze considers her status there a suspension, the company has already breached the contract “100 times over;” for example, the firm hasn’t fulfilled its promise to produce 230 one-hour episodes of Lahren’s show per year, said Lauten. Per Dallas News.

“She’s like an eagle that feels like it’s had its wings clipped,” Lauten said. “She’s ready to pursue her career and reconnect with her millions of followers.”

She and her attorney are seeking a temporary restraining order against Glenn Beck and TheBlaze, so Lahren can protect her right to speak freely as well as block TheBlaze from destroying any evidence related to the situation. The former commentator is seeking fees and costs for her attorneys’ “as well as all other relief … which she may show herself justly entitled.”

On April 7, Lahren sent out a tweet which many believe is in response to the lawsuit. If the tweet is related to the lawsuit it sounds like she is not going down without a fight.


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