NBA Youngboy Arrested as a Fugitive; Facing Multiple Charges in Georgia

YoungBoy and girlfriend Jania Image via Daily Mail

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, better known as NBA YoungBoy faces numerous charges. Authorities issued a fugitive warrant in Waycross, Georgia for the 19-year old rapper. According to reports from TMZ, he received a warrant for an alleged assault. In short, YoungBoy Never Broke Again faces aggravated assault charges with a weapon, in addition to kidnapping charges.

Recently, the rapper enjoyed success with singles such as “Outside Today” and “No Smoke.” On the night of his arrest, he was scheduled to perform at a sold-out show. The promoters canceled the performance. While in Florida, the US Marshalls took NBA YoungBoy into custody according to various sources.

Seemingly, the young rapper’s notoriety is not because of his Billboard success but because of the surveillance footage released by TMZ.  Hotel cameras caught NBA YoungBoy and his girlfriend, Jania in the hallway.

According to the report, the footage shows him allegedly slamming Jania down to the floor. Sources say a hotel guest also heard the commotion. Subsequently, the front desk called the police. By the time the police arrived at the scene, the couple had already left the Waycross, Georgia hotel. After viewing the footage, the police determined they had enough probable cause to obtain an arrest warrant.

The video shown below on TMZ, shows that Jania may have been trying to get away from her boyfriend. The video also shows her being thrown to the ground. The footage shows her in a semi-fetal position while being forced to return to the room according to the Miami Herald.

Domestic Violence or “Rough Playing”

As is sometimes common with victims of abuse, Jania’s version is different. Is she the victim of a domestic assault or “rough playing?” Jania attempted to defend NBA Youngboy from the police investigation on social media. According to her, “I was pulling him, that’s just us, that’s just the way we play.” In fact, she denies that she was kidnapped. According to TMZ, after the incident, “she wanted to remain with him.”

However, her social media statement may not be enough. Under state law, even if the victim does not want to press charges the state could proceed with charges of domestic violence. Furthermore, Jania’s statement may not be enough to convince a judge or jury that this was “kids being just kids.”

Occasionally, in domestic violence cases between partners or spouses, the victim of an assault may not want to press charges. In Georgia, the prosecutor not the victim will determine whether a domestic violence assault case proceeds. In other words, the victim has no power to drop the charges. The prosecutor may charge the aggressor with domestic assault or in this case aggravated assault.  Often this course of action can save the life of the unwilling victim.

NBA YoungBoy has a Prior History of Violence

Gaulden is no stranger to trouble. Currently, he is on probation in connection to a 2016 drive-by shooting in Baton Rouge. In August 2017, the judge sentenced NBA YoungBoy to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of aggravated assault with a firearm. Judge Bonnie Jackson suspended his sentence and placed him on active probation for three years, according to Pitchfork. As such, this new arrest may possibly violate his term of probation.

Gaulden appeared in court on Monday and faces extradition to Georgia.


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