Rush the Stage; Travis Scott Arrested in Arkansas for Inciting a Riot

Travis Scott - (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

Travis Scott can add an Arkansas mug shot to his photo collection after being arrested Saturday night.  The Houston hip-hop artist is currently doing shows across the country for his Birds Eye View Tour. Scott’s name has been mentioned in the news quite frequently lately, and the majority of the time it is not about a music critique.

Earlier this month, GCE reported that during a performance at Terminal 5 in New York, Scott injured a fan by encouraging others to jump off a balcony.  Next, Scott was sued by industry giant Lyor Cohen for millions of dollars in unpaid management fees.

Scott is known for his wild performances and high energy, but police in Arkansas were not feeling it.  The Police shut down Scott’s show in Rogers, Arkansas on Saturday night, and arrested Scott shortly afterward.  Scott was arrested for inciting a riot, endangering the welfare of a minor and disorderly conduct. According to a statement by Rogers Police Department, obtained by TMZ:

“Travis encouraged people to rush the stage at his show, bypassing security protocols in the process. Several people were injured, including a security guard and a cop.”

 Image via NWA

According to Arkansas’s § 5-71-203, A person commits the offense of inciting a riot if he or she knowingly:

1. By speech or conduct urges others to participate in a riot under circumstances that produce a clear and present danger that they will participate in a riot

2. Gives commands, instructions, or signals to others in furtherance of a riot.

Inciting riot is a Class D felony if an injury to a person or damage to property results from the offense. Otherwise, inciting a riot is a Class A misdemeanor.

In Arkansas, Class D felonies are the least serious felonies in Arkansas, punishable by up to six years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. However, A Class A misdemeanor is the most serious type of misdemeanor in Arkansas and it is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

So the hip-hop artist could face some serious punishment if convicted of these crimes. Since one of the injured persons was a police officer, Scott could face even stricter punishment.

A source close to Scott told TMZ that the performer saw available space in the general admission area toward the front of the venue, so he invited seated guests in the back to come forward. According to the source, he had no intention of putting anyone in danger.

Scott was released without bail last night.

In 2014, Tyler, The Creator was arrested at SXSW for inciting a riot. However, Tyler was only charged with a Class A misdemeanor and never faced any jail time.


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