Rich the Kid’s Potty Break Could Bring FAA Trouble; Understanding Regulations

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Rapper Dimitri Leslie Roger also known as Rich the Kid needed a potty break while his flight was on the runway Tuesday. So, he took one. Unfortunately, he broke the law in the process.

“Please, take your seat, Mr. Rich the Kid, while the seatbelt sign is on,” a flight attendant probably said. “It’s against the law to walk around the aircraft while taxing on the runway!”

This is the part of the story that gets a little crazy.

Instead of taking his seat, Rich the Kid refused to sit down. Then, his manager jumped into the fray. “I will cut your head off!” he says to the flight attendant.

TMZ reports that police arrested Rich’s manager after the pair got off the plane in L.A. They charged him with misdemeanor criminal threats.

The police did not arrest Rich or cite him for his actions in the incident.

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Rich the Kid violated FAA regulations when he left his seat

It is against the law to get out of your seat while the seatbelt sign is on in an airplane. 14 CFR section 121.317(f) requires it.

You may have noticed that I just cited a regulation, not a law, but it doesn’t matter. In this case, the FAA regulation carries the weight of law. As such, it must be obeyed.

Slate reported in 2015 that the FAA does not actively pursue seatbelt violators. It’s not high on the priority list. I have no idea why…

Ha! Just kidding. I’m glad it’s low on the priority list.

The point is, Rich the Kid broke the law. The flight attendants must follow the law by asking him to sit down.

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The FAA actively prosecutes unruly passengers

The FAA does, however, actively go after unruly passengers.

A passenger that defies flight attendants might count qualify as “unruly.” A passenger that threatens to cut flight attendants heads off probably qualifies as “unruly.”

If the flight attendants report Rich’s behavior, he could be facing up to $25,000 in fines and criminal prosecution.

That is one expensive potty break. And all this drama could have been avoided if Rich the Kid crossed his legs until the plane parked at the gate.


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