Mel B Won a Restraining Order for Alleged Sex Tapes Held by Her Ex-Nanny

Mel B (above on Tuesday at the storage facility) claimed that Gilles was keeping between 12 to 15 boxes that includes sex tapes, photos of Gilles and Belafonte and Spice Girls memorabilia at the Public Storage facility. via Daily Mail

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown “Mel B” had a win in court on Monday.  A judge granted Mel B’s petition for a restraining order against her ex-nanny Lorraine Gilles.  The judge instructed Gilles not to harass Mel B or remove any property, including photos of Gilles and Belafonte, photos of her deceased father, and Spice Girls memorabilia from the Public Storage locker in Gilles’ name.

On Tuesday, Entertainment Tonight reported that Mel B got access to the locker she reportedly believes her ex-nanny was keeping sex tapes to extort her via the court order.  However, the police didn’t find anything after they raided the Public Storage facility on Tuesday in Hollywood, TMZ reported.

“As for the electronic media which my husband and Lorraine Gilles have acknowledged possession of, and which [Belafonte] has repeatedly referenced in his threats to destroy my reputation and career, I am fearful that my husband and Lorraine Gilles, either acting in concert with one another or alone, will disseminate the media in an attempt to retaliate for my filing a request for Domestic Violence Restraining Orders against my husband, Stephen Belafonte,” read the court papers filed by Brown.

The court documents also state that in January 2015, Mel B fired the nanny, but her husband lost it calling Gilles his “ride or die b****.”

Mel B recently filed for divorce and was granted a restraining order against her husband, Stephan Belafonte. Belafonte, a judge on America’s Got Talent is alleged to have threatened Brown with violence.  Mel B’s allegations of abuse include included physical attacks, forced sexual intercourse with other women, and threatening to release videos he’d taken of the star during these intimate moments. She also alleges that Belafonte had an affair with Gilles, whom Belafonte allegedly impregnated. He is also accused of using Brown’s money to pay for the abortion, recovery and “alleged nanny services.”

Belafonte was convicted of Battery after choking his former girlfriend, Nicole Contreras in 2003.  He received probation and had to complete a Domestic Violence Program

“When the Court determines the truth, it will become clear that this entire charade was nothing more than a smear campaign intended to cover up Ms. Brown’s own conduct during the marriage in light of her current involvement with a family television show, and in an effort to unfairly gain leverage both financially and with respect to custody of the children,” says Belafonte’s lawyers.

According to the Entertainment Tonight report, Belafonte is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their 5-year-old daughter, Madison, as well as spousal support and payment of his legal fees.  However, in another win, Mel B is reported to have blocked her bank accounts, denying Belafonte access to her over $40 million fortune,

If you are a victim of domestic violence, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233 or TTY 1−800−787−3224.


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