Pay up; The J.U.S.T.I.C.E League Accuses Chance The Rapper of Using Their Work Without Paying

Chance The Rapper - Image via Rap-Up

On Saturday afternoon a member of the J.U.S.T.I.C.E league production team sent out a series of tweets accusing Chicago’s Chance The Rapper of using their work without paying for it.

According to Complex, in a 2016 interview with DJ Pain 1, JL’s Rook discussed the situation with the artist in an interview. He said Chance and his team wanted to use one of their tracks along with the production teams tag in order to give his project some boost.

“They really, really wanted our tag and our credit on the mixtape. And we’re like, ‘OK no problem, just pay us,” Rook explained. “It wasn’t even that much. It was maybe like five grand or something like that.”

However, Chance apparently never paid JL for the beat and used it without their permission. JL obviously hasn’t forgotten about it and took to Twitter to voice their frustration and call out Chance.

The track in question is Chance’s hit song “No Problem” from his Grammy award winning album Coloring Book, which JL claims to own both the production and publishing.

Chance remained quiet on social media for a little bit, but after awhile he started to defend himself, especially once JL talked about suing him.

Damn, Chance…

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As of right now, the beef between Chance and JL has been a twitter battle but it could possibly turn to the courtroom. Both Chance and JL have threatened to get lawyers involved.

However, the story is still developing. Gotham City Esq.will update the story when more facts emerge.


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