Jas Prince Suing Birdman; Cash Money Over Breach of Drake’s Contract

Drake and Jas Prince - Image via thissongissosick.com

The man responsible for bringing Drake and Cash Money together, Jas Prince, is now suing Birdman, his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams and Cash Money Records for breach of contract.  According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Prince is suing the Cash Money family for failing to pay up on their portion of Drake’s contract.

At the time Prince was working hand-in-hand with Aspire Music Group – a music management company selected to manage Drake. In Drake’s initial contract with Cash Money, Jas and Aspire were both supposed to receive a cut. However, according to the lawsuit, Birdman has not paid Aspire their one-third portion they are contractually entitled to. The lawsuit also claims that in 2013 Birdman signed Drake to a new exclusive deal but according to Prince the new deal breached Drake’s original one and cheated Aspire out of $4 million.

Aspire filed the lawsuit initially, but Jas Prince has stepped up to take the lead. He now owns a chunk of Aspire, so it makes sense. Prince is not taking the situation lightly at all. Prince is being represented by Attorney Marc Kasowitz, who has famously represented President Donald Trump. Last week Jas’ father, James Prince, talked with TMZ Live and vowed to get his son’s money back one way or another.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hok7eEE72a4]
When a contract is breached it can either be material or minor. A contract that has been breached materially occurs when the breaching party fails to perform some aspect of the contract, the other party receives something substantially different from what the contract specified. A breach is considered minor if the breaching party fails to perform some aspect of the contract, but the other party still receives the item or service specified in the contract. When a breach is minor, the non-breaching party is still required to perform under the contract, but may recover damages resulting from the breach.

Birdman is also facing some trouble with his former son Lil Wayne. Wayne and Birdman have been at odds for quite some time now. The unfortunate falling out had to do with similar issues that Prince is facing. Seems like Birdman needs to start taking better care of people who take care of him.


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