Chris Brown Sued By Graffiti Artist For Copyright Infringement


Chris Brown has been sued for copyright infringement by Andre Khazrei, trademark owner of the term Konfused. Konfused is the name of Brown’s new clothing line, however Khazrei claims that he has been using the name as his graffiti tag since 2003.

Chris Brown is famous for his song making ability, distinguishable singing voice, incredible dance and lately his talented panting and graffiti work. Brown has shown his love for painting and graffiti in the past year or so. The singer has been painting canvases, walls in his home and more, which he often shows off on his Instagram. It’s more than just hobby, as he’s been selling his work for a hefty price tag as well (i.e. upwards of $15,000).

Breezy has been painting professionally under the name of ‘Konfuzed.’ Recently Brown has emblazoned the purposely misspelled name on clothing items which he sells on his website. However, it appears there was another artist using a very similar name years before Chris Brown tried his hand at it. Andre Khazrei, aka Konfused, is suing Brown in legal documents that surfaced today and obtained by Gotham City Esq. Khazrei claims he’s been using the name ‘Konfused’ since 2003, and even has it on various merchandise. He says that now Brown is using ‘Konfuzed’ on his own clothing line which will cause problems for his line. Khazrei is suing Breezy for undisclosed damages and is demanding that the singer stop using the name immediately.



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