The Sad Consequences of One’s Choices; Kodak Black May Spend His Good Years in Prison

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What will it take to get Kodak Black to become a law-abiding citizen?  20-year-old Dieuson Octave, known to his 5 million followers as Kodak Black is now residing in a Broward County Jail. Instead of using his talent to entertain and make money, he’s back in trouble. Authorities arrested him after seeing an Instagram post. Kodak was waving a gun around recklessly in front of a child while smoking marijuana, according to a report.

Kodak Black currently faces charges of grand theft of a firearm, possession of marijuana, child neglect, two counts of possession of a weapon by a felon and two counts of probation violation.

Of course, the Florida rapper is not just going to stand by and let the system make him out to be the bad guy. He already obtained an attorney. However, Judge Joel Lazarus ordered him to remain in jail, according to CBS Miami.

According to reports, Kodak Black made a court appearance with Attorney Bradford Cohen. The legal team asked the judge to order all investigating officers to dust all evidence for fingerprints. He claims some of the alleged items found in the house do not belong to him. Believe it or not, that is his defense! There is no ruling on the motion yet. His next court date is February 23rd.

When the news broke of his arrest, attorney James McMillan shared his thoughts on the promising rapper.

James McMillan and Kodak Black via Jimmy Nickles Instagram

“Over the years I’ve had the honor and pleasure to work and help a lot of extremely talented people realize their dreams and find their path to success. One of the hardest things I have to do, sometimes, is to sit as a first-hand witness to some of our most talented young black men self-destruct. It’s heartbreaking. As the saying goes, ‘One of the saddest things in life is wasted talent.’ Kodak Black is honestly one of the most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He’s truly talented. I pray that he finds his way out of peril and back to the road of success.”

Kodak Black’s Criminal Record

At the age of 15, Kodak Black began to build a long criminal rap sheet. In 2015, while in Pompano Beach he was taken into custody. His charges included robbery, battery, two counts of false imprisonment of a child under 13 years of age, three counts of false imprisonment of an adult, driving with a suspended license and possession of marijuana.

Again, in 2016 he was arrested in Broward County. His charges included possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, possession of marijuana and fleeing from law enforcement. Later that year in August, he was arrested for armed robbery and false imprisonment, according to reports.

The judge sentenced Kodak Black to house arrest, anger management classes, and community. In addition, the judge placed him on five years of probation. He got lucky! Shortly thereafter, he got into more trouble. While in custody, authorities noticed he had an outstanding warrant in Florence, South Carolina. The warrant was for a criminal charge of sexual conduct along with charges in St. Lucie County for marijuana possession.

Then in February 2016, he violated his probation after leaving his house to go clubbing at a strip club. His original sentence was 364 days. However, he did not have to complete all that time. Although he served only a few months, his rap sheet started to add up.

Law Violations in Florida

Due to the current charges, this young man who isn’t even legally able to drink may end up in prison for a long time. Grand theft is considered a felony. It is defined as the unlawful stealing of another’s property. In fact, depending on the degree of the charge, if convicted he may spend anywhere from 21 months to a maximum of 30 years. Additionally, it is against the law for a felon to possess a firearm.

In order to be convicted of grand theft, the state must prove that the defendant deprived the person their property. Consequently, Florida’s laws on child neglect clearly state that it is a crime when the caregiver fails to provide proper supervision. And, does it even need to be said? Possession of drugs is against the law.

Kodak Black took the necessary steps to fight his case. Obtaining an attorney is very crucial for him to have any hope of dismissal of the charges.


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