James McMillan fights for Artists Rights in the Music Industry

James McMillan

Gotham City Esq’s own James McMillan has been quietly making moves in the entertainment industry for many years.  “I build brands, and I protect brands.” says James as he reflects on his successful career.

The Gotham City Esq team is very excited to learn and grow under his leadership, as we focus on “Covering the Power of Genius” every day.  Follow us as we continue to deliver interesting stories, all with legal insights to inform our readers, and contribute to fact-based sharing of news.  Are you an aspiring Artist?  You may learn more about James services by visiting the JEM PC website.

Via Huffington Post:

“James E. McMillan helps musical artists like New Edition take back control of their business assets.

BET’s recent airing of The New Edition Story reopened old wounds for many in the African American community. The music industry’s maltreatment of Black musicians is historic. Through New Edition’s story, viewers saw a glimpse of the ways in which lack of knowledge in the entertainment industry can result in devastating consequences for Black musicians…”

See the full story about James McMillan on huffingtonpost.com.





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