Jim Carrey Avoids Ugly Trial; Wrongful Death Suit Dismissed

Via: Los Angeles Superior Court

Jim Carrey’s girlfriend, Cathriona White, committed suicide in 2015. Ms. White addressed her suicide note to Carrey before overdosing on drugs. Her mother and husband believe Carrey gave Ms. White “illegal drugs that ultimately led to her death.”

They filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey in October 2016. The complaint includes some outrageous allegations. And, a lot of “quoted” “descriptions” “of” “Carrey’s” “behavior.” Carrey allegedly behaved in a “pure evil”, “heartless”, “despicable”, “abhorrent”, and “outrageous” manner.

But Carrey is off the hook now. A judge dismissed the case on January 25, 2018. Rumor has it that Carrey settled.

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The basis of a wrongful death suit.

People die. If your loved one dies because someone else breaks the law or is negligent, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Nicole Brown Simpson’s family sued O.J. for “wrongful death” after his criminal trial.

Wrongful death plaintiffs must prove four elements. Firstly, someone died. Secondly, that person died because another person was negligent or broke the law. Thirdly, surviving family members are suffering because of the death. And, finally, a personal representative was appointed for the decedent’s estate.

The second element is in dispute for most of these cases. Why? Well, because it is hard to prove that someone was negligent. It can also be hard to prove that someone broke the law if there isn’t a criminal conviction.

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The true cost of a trial. 

If you think attorneys fees are the only cost of going to trial you are wrong!

When evidence is presented in court it becomes public record. Reporters often sit in on big-name celebrity trials. Lawyers write books. Netflix makes documentaries…

With very few exceptions (a sealed record for example), going to trial effectively opens Pandora’s Box. Once the facts and evidence come out, there is no putting them back in.

The facts of this case are raunchy. Ms. White’s family claims Carrey gave her three STD’s. They claim Carrey called Ms. White a “whore” and told her she was “too much drama.” Ms. White’s family believes she died because Jim Carrey gave her illegal drugs.

If there is any truth to their claims, Carrey’s true trial cost could have been very, very high.


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