Lifted Lines; Hollywood Writer Claims FOX Stole his Script for ‘The Mick’

The Mick - Image via Fox

A veteran Hollywood writer accused FOX of stealing their new hit sitcom The Mick.

A writer by the name of Wyndham Lewis, who wrote several episodes of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, claims that Fox stole the show from him. Lewis says that in 2015 he wrote a script for a show he called The Godmother.

In Lewis’ show, an “irresponsible” deadbeat aunt is suddenly forced to take care of spoiled rich kids of white-collared criminals. If you’ve ever seen The Mick then you would know that that is pretty much the exact same premise.

According to Lewis, he sent the script for The Godmother to a FOX exec, named Jen Carreras, but ultimately the two sides never struck a deal. However, in 2016, Lewis heard that FOX was developing a show called The Mick which was basically a “rewrite” of his script.

And Lewis claims he can prove it. According to the suit, the script for a key scene in the FOX show contains a typo, which refers to the main character, “Chip” as Grant. Lewis says Grant is the name he gave that character in his script for The Godmother.

While it seems like the shows share some obvious similarities, Lewis will still have to prove to a judge that his idea was actually stolen. He will have to show adequate proof that he sent his script to FOX and that they had access to it.

In a similar case, a man attempted to sue Starz and Rapper 50 Cent for their drama series Power. The man claimed Starz stole the show from him after he sent them a manuscript for his novel Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid.

However, the judge sided with Starz and 50, saying that while both works share some general similarities such as a drug dealer from the inner city transitioning into legitimate business, they tell materially different stories. 

Lewis is suing FOX and 3 Arts Entertainment for at least $2 million.

FOX recently ordered 7 more episodes of The Mick — which stars It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actress Kaitlin Olson.


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