Back in Jail; DMX Still Struggles with Drug Addiction


Let’s all root for DMX. Drug addiction, like any addiction, is difficult to overcome. DMX landed himself back in jail after failing a drug test Tuesday morning. He tested positive for opioids and cocaine. DMX was out on a $500,000 bond and probation.  As a condition of his probation, he could not drink or consume drugs.

The judge ordered DMX to participate in a rehab program after his tax evasion guilty plea in November, 2017. However, Gotham City Esq previously reported that he failed a drug test in August 2017. On that occasion, the judge went easy on him and let him serve house arrest instead of prison time.

This time the judge wasn’t so lenient and said that the rapper poses a flight risk. Judge Jed Rakoof placed him in custody and revoked his bail. Prosecutors used a video uploaded by TMZ that showed DMX buying shots and preaching about God.

Judge Rakoof stated, “The court went to extraordinary lengths to accommodate his needs and desires, and he in effect said, ‘Screw you.’”

Consequences of a probation revocation can vary but DMX has been given multiple chances

Not all probation violations end with jail time. For example, prosecutors and defense attorneys can make a deal so that a defendant attends drug counseling to reinstate probation.

Sometimes violating your probation can also result in a probation extension, additional probation rules, or revocation. Many factors contribute to the consequence including the nature of the crime and the judge who heard your case.

When probation does end in revocation, the defendant serves his suspended sentence and forfeits his bond. DMX will possibly lose his $500,000 bond money for his probation revocation. I say possibly because sometimes there is a way a defendant can receive bond money back after revocation.

DMX is really going through it and looks the part. Hopefully, his family and friends are willing to step in and not give up on him. It’s NEVER too late to change.


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