Brazilian DJ Kaleb Freitas Dead after Stage Collapse in Brazil; Who’s to Blame?


A prominent DJ named Kaleb Freitas is dead after scaffolding collapsed on him as he performed at a Brazilian music festival. The video depicts the high wind speed and the structure collapse mid-show. Freitas was 30-years-old and he died before reaching the hospital as a result of head trauma. Although other factors are at play, the weather seems to be the main cause of the fatal incident. Reports detail that the festival continued as scheduled despite severe weather warnings from authorities.

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Posted by Sandro Marcio on Sunday, December 17, 2017

A discussion of the potential lawsuit is difficult because Brazilian law is different than in the United States. In Brazil, compensation is for actual losses and not for suffering or any moral damage. In the United States, victims can claim damages for emotional reasons and not just to pay the medical bills. Things have, however, gradually evolved and Brazil is developing into a more robust system of law. With that said, multiple people are potentially at fault for this horrific accident.

Multiple players may be at fault

Although bad weather is clearly to blame, the corporation who built the structure could share the responsibility. In the event that the structure was not up to Brazilian safety standards, the corporation is at fault. Presuming that festival organizers forged ahead with the event despite weather conditions, they could also be at fault. If there was no emergency planning in place, there’s an additional reason to find festival organizers at fault.

A similar incident occurred when the stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair in 2011 that left seven dead and dozens injured. In a similar fashion as the Brazil incident, the stage collapsed when strong winds rolled in. Four minutes before the collapse, authorities warned the crowd to seek shelter because of the weather. It’s safe to assume that authorities in Brazil did not do this because Freitas was still performing at the time of the collapse. In Indiana, the corporation that built the stage and other defendants settled for $50 million dollars. Indiana, of course, resides in the United States but the subject matter occurred in Brazil.

In 2013 a huge nightclub fire in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil killed 242 people. Authorities say the high death toll was because of lack of emergency exits and the number of people inside exceeded the maximum allowed. That incident resulted in the inspection of safety features inside thousands of nightclubs all over Brazil. Hopefully, Brazil has the same reaction to this stage collapse as they did for the nightclub fire. If authorities would have told festival goers to seek shelter when the weather began to get worse, DJ Kaleb Freitas could be alive today.


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