Actress Chloe Grace Moretz Gets A Permanent Restraining Order Against Stalker


Earlier this month, a judge granted Actress and Model Chloe Grace Moretz’s request for a temporary restraining order against an alleged stalker, Terry D. Quick. Moretz made the request after Quick made “creepy” social media posts. Quick also allegedly showed up at Moretz’s house uninvited.

Court documents obtained by ENews state that “Quick’s online posts, harassment, and stalking has become seriously alarming, annoying and harassing.”

The temporary restraining order required Quick to stay 100 yards away from Moretz. It also required Quick to stay away from Moretz’s mother and brother. Moretz requested to include her mother and brother in the order because Quick allegedly stalked and harassed them while in pursuit of the actress.

The new, and permanent, restraining order extends the temporary order for three years.

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Temporary vs. permanent restraining orders

Courts also call restraining orders “protective” orders. Regardless of what we call it, a restraining, or protective order protects victims from another person’s bad behavior.

Chloe Grace Moretz took a restraining order out to prevent stalking. Other people take them out to prevent physical, verbal, or sexual abuse. Restraining orders are not restricted to these circumstances though.

California recognizes several different types of restraining orders. Each addresses a different circumstance.

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Temporary Restraining Orders

The court grants temporary restraining orders before it grants permanent restraining orders. Temporary orders grant immediate protection. Generally, they only last until a formal hearing to impose a permanent restraining order.

Victims request temporary restraining orders by filing paperwork with the court. Most people do not speak with a judge until the formal hearing.

Permanent Restraining Orders

Permanent restraining orders can last up to three years. If the order is based on a threat of violence or stalking, the local sheriff’s department can deliver notice of the order for you.

The only noticeable difference between a temporary and permanent order is how long it lasts.

Kudos to Chloe Grace Moretz for standing up for herself and her privacy! GCE wishes her the best as she moves past this stressful situation.

If you are in a situation where you feel threatened, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Contact an attorney immediately for help with filing the necessary paperwork.


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