Strategic Legal Moves; Blac Chyna Drops All Kardashian Sisters From Lawsuit Except Kim


Blac Chyna dropped all of the Kardashian sisters from her lawsuit with the exception of Kim. Now, the only parties she named in the suit are Rob, Kris, and Kim. It appears that the focus of her lawsuit against Kris and Kim will be the use of their power to cancel the show Rob and Chyna. In legal terms, we call this claim Intentional Interference with Contractual Relations. This means that someone intentionally and illegally interfered in a contract not involving them and caused you damage.

California law requires Chyna prove that the Kardashians prevented the show from continuing and intended to disrupt the second season. This is likely why she dropped the other sisters from the lawsuit. There is likely no sufficient proof that the other sisters interfered with Chyna’s contract. BUT, because Kim and Kris were executive producers on the show, there may be more merit behind their power to illegally cancel it. Chyna has to prove her claim is true while the Kardashian sisters do not have to prove anything. The entire burden of proof is on Chyna.

Strategically why would Chyna drop the sisters?

The sisters were likely in the initial lawsuit because of statements made on Keeping up with the Kardashians. According to court documents released by, the family discussed on air how the second season of Rob & Chyna should not take place. These statements may be a factor that points toward interference, but the statements alone are not sufficient proof. Strategically, it often makes sense to file a general lawsuit to cover all bases and then later drop certain defendants and narrow the scope. This is very common in the legal world.

In her initial complaint, obtained by, Chyna states that attorneys for the E! Network admitted that her show was canceled at the demands of the Kardashian family. Whether proof exists that the network or the attorney said this has yet to be shown by Blac Chyna. Normally, a case would have to proceed to depositions and discovery before we see any hard evidence. Everyone should stay tuned, Chyna may be on to something.


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