Bizarre Twist: Attempted Murder Suspect Steven Walcott Jr. Requests a Longer Prison Sentence

Steven Walcott Jr Image Via America News

In an odd move, murder suspect Steven Walcott Jr. rejected a plea deal and asked for a longer sentence. Walcott appeared in court to face charges of shooting and critically wounding a man in Houma, Lousiana. Despite an offer of a plea deal, Walcott made a bizarre request for 30 years.

Ironically, Judge Randy Bethancourt ordered a mental evaluation of the defendant. “I’m quite concerned about your mental ability to move forward,” Bethancourt told Walcott.

In this situation, prosecutors offered Steven Walcott a 20-year plea agreement. However, Walcott turned down the offer and demanded 30 years instead, according to The Courier Reports.

Rather than allowing his court-appointed attorney to represent him, Walcott stated that he would prefer to represent himself. “I don’t want (Billiot’s) representation because to this day he hasn’t done any work on my case,” Walcott said.

In addition, he added, “The plea deal that came to court on Oct. 9 went down from 30 years to 20 years and I don’t want the 20 years. I want the 30 years. I want the plea deal that was first offered.”

While so many are trying to get out of prison, Walcott wants to spend more time. Admittedly, Billiot stated that his client refused to meet with him, making his job to defend him difficult. Furthermore, he requested an evaluation of his client’s mental state. The Judge granted the motion to appoint a sanity commission.

Sanity Commission

Art. 644. Appointment of sanity commission; examination of defendant

The Judge ordered a mental examination conducted within seven days. The sanity commission shall consist of at least two and not more than three members who are licensed to practice medicine in Lousiana, who have been in the actual practice of medicine for not less than three consecutive years immediately preceding the appointment, and who are qualified by training or experience in forensic evaluations.

Indeed, the report will address the defendant’s capacity to understand the proceedings against him. Including his ability to assist in his defense. If he is found incompetent, he may be required to have inpatient hospitalization.

Steven Walcott is scheduled to appear in court on December 11th.



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