Labor Law Violation; Former SB Nation Site Manager Files Lawsuit Against Vox Media

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A former SB Nation site manager filed a federal lawsuit against Vox Media Friday, claiming the media company broke labor laws.

Cheryl Bradley worked as a site manager for SB Nation’s Mile High Hockey from 2013 to 2015. In her lawsuit, Bradley claims she regularly worked 30-40 hour weeks – sometimes even 50 – for the site. However, according to Bradley, Vox paid her a measly stipend of $125 per month.

Vox is a billion-dollar corporation, so you would think they’d have the money to pay their employees, right? Especially because without their employees they would have nothing.

Bradley thought the same thing. So she decided to file a collective lawsuit on behalf of herself and all current or former site managers.

“On behalf of Cheryl Bradley, she’d just like to say her goal here is to obtain justice for all of the site managers who made Vox’s financial success a reality,” Bradley’s lawyer James Goodley said.

In 2013, Bradley signed a blogger’s contract with Vox. However, Bradley claims she worked as a functioning employee. Working extensive hours, which made outside employment difficult, according to the lawsuit.

You can read Bradley’s full lawsuit below at the bottom of the page.

Furthermore, a recent article on Deadspin also accused Vox and SB Nation of severely underpaying and overworking their employees.

“They tell me every day to do more posts, more on social, more video,” one site manager who makes less than $600 a month told Deadspin. “Literally every day I feel like I’m not doing enough for my site.”

The article goes on to slam Vox and SB Nation for their unethical work practices. The post says the companies are, “run by executives willing to go to great lengths to justify a business model that exploits thousands of poorly paid men and women.”

You can read the full article here.

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