No Laughing Matter: Katt Williams Sued for Allegedly Beating; Discriminating Against Personal Assistant

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Being the personal assistant to Katt Williams would be an interesting job, to say the least. The comedian has been at the center of all types of legal trouble throughout his career. However, Katt is now facing legal action from his former personal assistant. Yadira A. Torres is suing Williams for allegedly beating her as well as short-changing her on pay while working for the comedian.

Torres filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday. Torres said she was hired by Katt in 2012 and during her time of employment she was subjected to verbal and physical abuse as well as underpayment. According to The Wrap, Torres said she once saved Williams from a car crash.  Yet, instead of being rewarded, Torres claims Williams verbally abused her and locked her in a hotel room for three hours as “punishment.”

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Torres claims Williams once left her stranded at an airport for 24 with no money for a flight or any other way to get home. In 2016 the lawsuit claims, Williams “got upset, punched and hit Ms. Torres and pushed Ms. Torres against a door. Ms. Torres sustained severe injuries.” The lawsuit also claims Williams “discriminated against Ms. Torres on account of her national origin.”

The lawsuit claims Williams committed assault, false imprisonment, battery, breach of contract and other counts. Torres is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit. In California, a violent situation in the workplace is defined in the same manner as civil harassment. For an employer to receive a workplace violence restraining order on behalf of an employee, there needs to be reasonable proof that:

  • The employee has suffered unlawful violence (like assault, battery or stalking) or a credible threat of violence;
  • The unlawful violence or the threat of violence can reasonably be construed to be carried out or to have been carried out at the workplace;
  • The conduct is not allowable as part of a legitimate labor dispute; and
  • The person accused is not engaged in constitutionally protected activity.

Under California law, Torres is considered a “domestic worker.” Domestic workers (also know as personal attendants) care for individuals and families in California. As of 2014 domestic workers in California are due time-and-a-half (overtime pay) for any work performed beyond nine hours in a day or beyond 45 hours in a week.

Katt Williams and his representatives have yet to comment on the situation.

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