Facebook Discriminates Against Older Employees? Lawsuit Says “Yes”

Photo Credit: Josh Edleson

Former Facebook employee, Gary Glouner, filed a lawsuit against the social media giant in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday. Glouner worked at Facebook for two years.

The complaint alleges the company “applauded irresponsible and rebellious behavior among its young workers and encouraged them to bully, mock and/or otherwise belittle older workers with impunity.” Glouner heard younger workers call old people “creepy,” and say, “old people don’t belong at Facebook.”

Glouner turned 50 before Facebook fired him in 2015.


Facebook can’t hire, fire, or favor employees because they are young.

If an older employee believes his employer considered age when deciding to fire, promote, or hire him, then that employee can sue the company. It is that simple.

The employee does not need to put forth undeniable evidence to file a lawsuit. That is what discovery is for, friends.

However, some alleged behavior is more damning to employers than others. Showing that a company consistently looks for recent college graduates, denies promotions to older workers, or makes jokes and derogatory comments about older workers can lead to a win for plaintiffs.

Show me the money!

Even though California is an “at-will” employment state, businesses may be required to pay up if they fire an employee for illegal reasons. Violating a discrimination law is one such “illegal” reason.

Illegally fired employees can collect back pay. They can also collect money for any emotional losses they experienced. Employees can collect more for extra shady company behavior than they can for standard foot-in-your-mouth behavior.

Why? Because jury’s award damages. And jury’s like to punish people.

Mmm-hmmm. You read that right.


Via: Documentarytube.com

Mark Zuckerberg knows he’s going to get old someday, right?

Promoting a culture of youth isn’t going to serve Zuckerberg for too much longer. He is solidly in his 30’s. And forty is “old” and “creepy” by Facebook standards. He needs to change the company’s culture ASAP if he wants to avoid being ousted by younger executives someday.


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